Turf Field Construction- Photos

Words and Photos: Izzie Chausse

Centennial’s track has been closed since May 24 for the construction of the new turf field. The track is expected to re-open on September 1, just in time for fall sport’s games to begin.  Centennial is one of the last high schools in Howard County to receive a turf field.

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Tame Impala Review

Words: Madhu Lal

On Saturday June 6, Tame Impala, an Australian epiphany pop band, performed at Echostage. This performance served as the band’s last stop in their 2015 tour, which showcased their new album, “Currents”. During their last performance, the band played a variety of songs from a multitude of their past albums along with new singles.

Songs like, Elephant, Half Full Glass of Wine, and Mind Mischief were played during the course of the concert, as well as songs from the new album like, She’s a Man. Although a majority of the songs performed were distinct and easily recognizable, the band still was able to add different layers of sound by changing chords and using effect pedals to alter the sound of their instruments, adding an interesting aspect to the show.

From end to finish, Tame Impala shook the concert hall, each chord permeated through every member of the crowd and rumbled through the walls. Throughout the night, the deep bass, entrancing guitar, and profusion of amplifiers and effect pedals associated with Tame Impala’s sound, united the crowd. “Currents” takes Tame Impala’s usual psychedelic epiphany pop sound to a deeper and more hypnotizing level, keeping listeners interested from beginning to end.

Apart from the music, the engaging stage performance also sent waves of excitement throughout the venue. With each song came a different light and screen show. The screen behind the performers changed in flashes of color pulsing to the beat, while the sounds of the lead singer’s voice lingered over the heads of the singing audience. The flawlessly executed performance sent fans into a fit of singing and swaying to nostalgic classics and new and enticing singles. The awe-inspiring performance at Echostage and the enthusiastic aura of the crowd seemed like the ideal way to end the band’s tour.

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2014-2015 Complete Archives

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Use the following links to see the 2014-2015 print publications.

2015 Takeover Issue


  • “A Year In Review”
  • “Offseason Training: Athletes Try Strive to Maintain Perfection”

2015 Senior Issue


  • “A Farewell Assignment”
  • “The Retirement of the Teacher Who has Taught Since Opening Day”

2015 April Issue


  • “Senior Superlatives”
  • “Setting Students Back”

2015 March Issue


  • “Zaching For Life: How One CHS Alum Continues to Inspire”
  • “Breaking News: The Impact of Sports Injuries”

2015 February Issue


  • “Unsung Heroes: The Hidden Champions of the Civil Rights Movement”
  • “Beneath the Centennial Mt. Hebron Rivalry”
  • “PARCC: New Year, New Test”

2014 December Issue


  • “Different Religions, Different Rules: Is removing holidays from the calendar a good idea?”
  • “Music Listeners are Turning to Vinyl”

2014 November Issue


  • “Generation Y”
  • “Taking Steps for Heart Research: Helping out is personal for one CHS student”
  • “The Uprising of Netflix”

2014 September Issue


  • “Wellness Woes”
  • “It’s a Whole New Game”

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Rising Seniors Prepare for Their Final Year

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

With every graduated senior class comes a grade of new seniors. These incoming seniors have a year full of new experiences and adjustments ahead of them. The seniors will celebrate their last Homecoming and Prom, as well as endure the long hours spent working on college applications. These incoming seniors are beginning to prepare themselves for the transition from junior year to senior year.

Rising senior Caitlin Crumley’s senior year will be a hectic one. Crumley will be balancing an internship at Mercy Hospital with being one of the trumpet section leaders for the Centennial Marching Band. Crumley says the hardest transition from junior to senior year will be “time management”.

Through the stress of senior year, rising senior Ian McQuaid plans to do well in school and have fun. McQuaid is looking forward his senior year and everything that comes with it, though he’ll have to “continue to work hard after Senioritis hits.”

Rising senior Jesse Dunagan is looking to end her high school career on a good note.

“I am looking forward to…being one of the leaders of the school,” said Dunagan.

The rising seniors are hoping to have a great last year at Centennial before they have to say goodbye to their friends and leave for college.

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Eighth Graders Visit to Centennial- Photos

Photos: Izzie Chausse

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

On Wednesday, June 3, the 2015 incoming freshmen class had their first visit to Centennial. The eighth graders went on a guided tour through Centennial and learned about the many events that occur here each year. Their guides were current Centennial students who told them about what an average day is like at Centennial and answered any questions. In the media center, the eighth graders learned about the different clubs at Centennial and what they do. The eighth graders could meet and question Centennial students who were involved in a large amount of activities.  The visitors watched a variety of performances by Centennial’s Senior Dance Color GuardCompany, Acafellas, Awkward Improv Team, and the Color Guard.

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Same Family, Same Team

Words: Michael Moore

Playing on the same team with a sibling is something special that doesn’t happen often. Siblings have a special connection on the field that is not often replicated, and it can lead to great things on the field. Sophomore Caroline Strott has spent the past two seasons playing varsity softball with her older sister, Abbey. It has been a great help for Strott, who said it helped her adjust to not just softball, but to high school as a whole.

“By having an older sister I felt more accepted and welcomed on the team, simply because I already knew some of the other players because of [Abbey]. It made it an easier transition to varsity and high school in general,” Strott said.

Strott explained how her sister helped her build confidence on the field, and as an underclassman on varsity, confidence is very important. But, Strott also looks to her sister as a role model off the field too. Abbey’s support and encouragement has helped Caroline through a lot.

“Regardless of what’s going on [Abbey] always had my back. She’s been a great role model for me and helped me with a lot, especially in my freshman year,” Strott said.

Freshman Jeremy Wilson played varsity lacrosse with his brother, senior Kevin Wilson. According to J. Wilson, this past season was something special.

“It’s something everyone who has a brother looks forward to but not everyone gets to do. Coming in as a freshman it makes you so much more comfortable to know that [Kevin is] there to pick you up when you make a bad play,” Wilson said.

Having a brother with you can be very beneficial, especially for a freshman. It helps J. Wilson gain confidence and learn not to be afraid of anything. J. Wilson said his brother taught him that “being a freshman doesn’t matter, it’s all about heart and who wants it more.”

Wilson’s brother played an important role on the lacrosse team during his time at Centennial, and his impact is not lost on his younger brother.

“I think I’ll miss the passion he played with most…he just loves the game and leads by example and is a great leader to follow,” J. Wilson said.

With the graduation of seniors, their younger siblings will look to take the lessons that they have learned throughout the years, and use them on their own. With the summer fast approaching, these athletes will begin to find their own path, and with the tools that have been passed down from their siblings, the future looks nothing but bright for them.

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2015 Graduation Photos

Words and Photos: Izzie Chausse

On May 30, the Centennial Class of 2015 graduated at Merriweather Post Pavilion. The event included performances by Montria Walker, singing a Whitney Huston number, and the Madrigals, performing the National Anthem and “For Good” from the play Wicked.  Following the performances, there were speeches by Superintendent Dr. Foose and the teacher of the year, Ms. Chung.  Congratulations Class of 2015!

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Eagle Day Photos

Photos: Izzie Chausse and Sandy Eichhorn

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

On May 29, 2015, Centennial students came into school for an Eagle Day. Because of graduation, the school day was shortened, and fun activities were planned. Eagle Day was split into three sessions so students could participate in a variety of activities. Outside, students played kickball, frisbee, and soccer. Inside, there was volleyball, basketball, and badminton. If you weren’t interested in sports you could play computer games in the Tech room or have quiet time in the library. If you were interested in something artistic you had the option of getting your face painted in the art room or drawing with sidewalk chalk. If you felt like relaxing on a Friday, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was playing in the auditorium. If you had a sweet tooth, the Foods class made chocolate chip cookies.

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2015 Graduates’ Advice to Rising Seniors

Words: Ashley Berry

For most people, senior year is a last “hoorah;” a year to celebrate your time at Centennial. It is also a time to plan for the future: sending in college applications, applying for jobs, enlisting in the military, etc. Although it is an important year, many seniors develop a condition know as “Senioritis.” The graduated class of 2015 has been through it all. Together, they walked the halls of Centennial through freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year. To the class of 2016 from the class of 2015, here is some wise advice:


“In general, just treasure your time with everyone around you. I know I said I couldn’t wait until senior year ended, but honestly, when it ends you will wish everything got to stay the same.”

-Amanda Ali


“For senior year, just enjoy being a kid one last [time]. Nail whatever you put your mind to, try new things, and if you’re given an opportunity, take it! Live it up!”

-Daniel Giangrandi


“The best advice I could offer is to never lose focus on your priorities, even though [during] senior year it becomes easy to. Try to maintain good habits because the year flies by, and the next thing you know you’ll be preparing to be a freshman in college. Also make the most of senior year and take advantage of the time you have with your friends because you’ll blink and it’ll be over with.”

-Anna Mitchell


“The start of senior year is rough, and you can’t go into it slacking off immediately because you still have to get into college.”

-Jordan Burk


“My advice is to have fun and remember these last few months of high school. I wish I knew how fast the year flew by.”

-Corey Grable


“My advice would be to get your college applications done early and to cherish the fun moments because the school year goes by so fast!”

-Kimmy Eads


“Start working on college applications in the summer. There’s a lot of tedious work that you can get out of the way beforehand because those deadlines come up fast. Also, enjoy every moment of senior year. Don’t skip the activities because you think you’re too cool or that no one’s going – these are moments you will never be able to get back. I wish I would have known how quickly the year goes by.”
-Giana Han


“I would say to keep an open mind and try as many new things as you can before you graduate. I’ve had some great experiences this year and they wouldn’t have been possible without an open minded attitude and my closest friends near by.”

-Meghan Kelley


“Don’t get caught up in any unnecessary drama. Just enjoy your last year at home and make the most of it.”

-Monika Buczak

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Food and Nutrition Survey

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Howard County has sent out a survey to all of its high schools. The survey asks questions based on students’ experiences with their school meals. It asks their favorite and least favorite foods as well as foods they would like added to the menu. The Food and Nutrition Survey wants to improve students’ lunches while still making sure they eat healthy school meals.

Click here to take the survey and share your thoughts on your school meals, use your school login to access the survey: http://hcpssne.ws/hsfoodnutrition

The deadline for taking the survey is June 12.

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