Anusha Nathan


Name – Anusha Nathan
Nickname – Nushi, Nushdawg
Sibling – older sister, Eisha
Birthday – August 6


Color – Blue
Genre of Music – Pop, anything on the radio
Food – Pasta
Teacher – Mr. Astri
TV Show – Criminal Minds
Leader/Role Model – both of my grandfathers
Book – A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
“In heaven, all the interesting people are missing.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
“If you are going to break a Law of Art, make the crime interesting.” – Mason Cooley
“If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.” – Albert Einstein

Subject – Math, Science (all of them :D), Government


Sports/Clubs – karate, dance (Indian classical), kidz4kids, MUN, Tri-M, SGA (of course!)
What is your ideal homecoming theme?

If you could change one thing about CHS what would it be?

Somewhere, somehow, I think I would add another hallway so that the school is not so crowded between classes. Other than that, I’d really love to get everybody a lot more involved in what the SGA does (homecoming, pep rallies, etc.). It would be great if the entire student body actively participated in all of the events that the school sponsors!
What made you want to be a member of SGA?

I joined the SGA my sophomore year, the main reasons being that I wanted to be as involved as possible in CHS. I also wanted to help make a difference in CHS students’ lives. By joining the SGA, I have had a multitude of opportunities to give back to not only CHS, but the entire Centennial community. It is truly a great organization and I encourage everyone to come to our meetings!

Position on SGA – Secretary
Unusual Fact – I have a pet parakeet!
Dream Vacation – India (always will be!)
Superpower – to be able to fly

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