Julia Zhen

Julia ZhenGeneral:

Name – Julia Zhen

Nickname – JZ

Sibling – Kevin Zhen

Birthday – March 1st

Relationship Status – Single


Color – Blue

Genre of Music – Indie or SKa

Food – Everything

Teacher – Piluk

TV Show – Law & Order SVU

Movie – Forrest Gump

Leader/Role Model – None

Book – To Kill a Mocking Bird

Quote – “This is your life, and its ending one minute at a time.”

Subject – Theatre


Sports/Clubs – SGA, Horizon, Lacrosse, Indoor track

What is your ideal homecoming theme? 

Masquerade WITH MASKS

If you could change one thing about CHS what would it be?

School Spirit

What made you want to be a member of SGA?

I get to do stuff you can’t do (if you’re not in SGA).

Position on SGA – Historian

Unusual Fact – I’m allergic to weird stuff.

Dream Vacation – One of those multiple day concerts like Tomorrowland or Coachella

Superpower – Teleportation

If you were a bumper sticker, what would you say? – Move or be moved

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