The Wingspan is the school newspaper for Centennial High School. The Wingspan has been around since 1977, and strives to provide accurate, in-depth information to the Centennial Community. Along with continuing to provide news through our print edition, The Wingspan will be publishing content online. Continue to visit our website for up to date CHS news, and be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Also, you can click the follow link in the bottom right corner of any page, and receive news updates via e-mail.

Contact Information:

                                   The Wingspan

                                    Centennial High School

                                    4300 Centennial Lane

                                    Ellicott City, Maryland, 21042


                                    Phone: 410 – 313 – 2856

The Team

Online Editor-In-Chief: Sandy Eichhorn

Managing Editor: Minnie Gregorini

Print Editor-In-Chief: Sabrina Han

Advisor: Rus VanWestervelt

Team Bios

Sabrina Han

Print Editor-in-Chief

Third year

I’m Sabrina and this is my second year on The Wingspan team. This is my first year as Editor; last year I was a sports writer and trained under last year’s EIC to prepare to take over this year. If you have any suggestions for me about The Wingspan, feel free to email me at chswingspan@gmail.com


Sandy Eichhorn

Online Editor-in-Chief

Third year

I’m Sandy and this is my second year on The Wingspan team. I joined my sophomore year and trained under Giana Han, who was Online Editor last year. I publish all articles on line and send out tweets about current events. I like to cover sports games and help take pictures when needed. If you have any suggestions or questions for me about The Wingspan email chswingspan@gmail.com

Minnie Gregorini

Managing Editor

Third year

Journalism has been a huge part of my life for the past two years. I love the feeling of getting true, reliable news out there for people to read and appreciate. I take my job as managing editor very seriously and I love all of the people that I work with and know that they love doing this just as much as I do. I’m very interested in other cultures, specifically East Asian cultures and wish to major in linguistics and East Asian Studies in college. I hope to continue journalism in the future. If you have any questions for me about The Wingspan, email me at chswingspan@gmail.com

Ashley Berry

Feature Editor

Third year

I’m a junior at Centennial High School who loves her beauty sleep, has a tendency to talk way too loud, and eats way to many Girl Scout cookies. This is my second year on The Wingspan, and, through my writing, I love to bring light to various students at Centennial and others in the community who have a strong story destined to be heard.



Meghan Moore

Vanguard Editor

Third year

I originally joined The Wingspan because my brother, Michael Moore, always talked about how great the class was. But since I’ve been a part of the team I’ve learned to love it for my own reasons. This year I especially look forward to being able to put my own personal flair on Vanguard and writing online album reviews. I enjoy writing about music and the entertainment business in general, but as long as I’m writing for Wingspan I’m happy!



Shalini Malhotra


Third Year

I joined The Wingspan so I could be active in something that is important in our school. The Wingspan provides first hand news and information about the school so anyone caring to learn about their school would want to join it’s paper. I’m looking forward to taking more photos and covering more events that happen and are important to our school.


Jeremy Hall


Second year

I joined wingspan because i am a photographer interested in the field of photo journalism and i like to write about subjects that i am passionate about, especially in the gonzo style.


Caroline Chu

Staff Reporter

Second Year

This is my first year contributing to The Wingspan team. I moved to Ellicott City this summer as an incoming sophomore, and was informed that Centennial High School was offering a journalism program. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and decided that journalism would be an interesting field to invest myself into. Writing for The Wingspan has introduced me to Centennial High School, and the community that thrives within it. I’m not quite sure about the section of journalism I want to expand to, but I currently focus on the Vanguard section of print. Outside of the school walls, I enjoy playing soccer, baking, and chasing my dog Daisy around my backyard.



Nicholas Klein

Staff Reporter

Third year

Ever since I was a kid, I loved to write stories and create all sorts of weird ideas. Journalism appeals to both of these passions, so it is the perfect course for me. As of now, I am continuing to build and expand my skills in Journalism, and trying to better myself in different types of writing. I am able to draw my ideas from the people and events occurring around me at all times. I hope that I learn a lot from Journalism, and will continue to try to improve in this class.

Bridget Israel


Second Year

I joined The Wingspan because I am interested in writing articles. I am looking forward to have more of my articles published. I’m still figuring out what I enjoy to write, but I love exploring it.

Brianna Belt


Second Year

I’m Brianna and i am a junior at Centennial. This is my first year on The Wingspan and I enjoy writing sports and feature articles.


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