Centennial’s Field Hockey Team Falls to Hebron

Photos and Words: Eliza Andrew

On Monday, October 30, the Centennial Eagles field hockey players wrapped up their season and play-offs run with the 4-1 defeat against their rivals, the Mt. Hebron Vikings. For the seniors, this might be the last time they step out on the field as an Eagle, so they came ready for a fight. The rest of the team knew they had to play their hardest if they wanted to continue their journey with their senior teammates. The Eagles won possession of the ball at the start of the game, and within only a couple minutes, senior Lauren Muma scored the first goal for the Eagles with an assist coming from senior Camden Blevins. According to Muma, “I am sad that [the season] is over, but it was such a fun season and being able to score with Camden was amazing.”  The Vikings were able to score a goal, tying up the game.

Both teams defended well, and the half ended with the score tied of one to one. Once the teams regrouped after halftime, both teams went in with new energy, and within the first 5 minutes of the second half, Hebron had scored once again, taking the lead 2-1. The Eagles offense and defense played well throughout the game, but unfortunately, the Vikings scored two more times within 10 minutes, and the final score was 4-1. The 2017-2018 season was an amazing one for the Centennial Eagles, going to the third round of play-offs, and ending the season with an great game.

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Varsity Field Hockey Beats Long Reach in First Playoff Game

Words: Natalie Knight-Griffin

On Thursday, October 26, Centennial’s varsity field hockey team played Long Reach in the first playoff game of the season.

Within the first seven minutes, Centennial was up 3-0, with senior Lauren Muma having scored all three goals.

By halftime, freshman midfielder Lily Sullivan had scored another goal for the Eagles. However, in the first three minutes of the second half, Long Reach scored bringing the score to 4-1. As the ball moved up and down the field intensely, players on both teams grew tired, yet more determined than ever.

Long Reach scored for the second time after a fast break down the field. Once again, Muma stepped up and scored another two goals to end the game, bringing to a final score of 6-2.

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Centennial JV Football Ends On High Note

Words: Hibah Kahn

The Centennial Eagles JV football team was prepared to end their trying season with one final home game on October 27 at 7pm. Confidently stepping onto the field, the Eagles played with great heart against Hammond High School.

Due to their perseverance and determination until the last second, the Eagles ended the season with one win, beating Hammond by 14 points, with the final score being 27-12. Touchdowns on Centennial’s part were scored by Justice Murrell, Anthony Mathews, and Sihier Coleman.

Due to having to dismantle the varsity football program at Centennial, the JV football team had many adjustments to make, and many saw ending the season with a win as vital in boosting the esteem of the team.

The Eagles are optimistic about the future of the program and the 2018-2019 season for both JV and varsity programs. After a season of dedication and persistence the Eagles will end their season 1-8.

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Centennial’s Anime Club

Words: Lawren Mickenberg

Centennial’s Anime Club is a place where people who enjoy Japanese shows gather. If you are interested in learning more come down to Room 305 on Wednesdays right after school. Anime is a type of Japanese film and television animation with themes similar to colored comics. The group prepares for the annual Otakufest that they hold at our school and goes to Cos-Con to promote the club.

The club is led by seniors Tracy Yang (president) and Andrew Lee (vice- president). The other people on the board are junior Reina Maeda, sophomore Aki Parrish, senior Ranga Emani, and senior Todd Price. The club is sponsored by Hannah Elliot, a new teacher at Centennial.

Anime Club is always looking for new members and will welcome anyone who wishes to join. If you want to learn more contact the club at chsanime@gmail.com or go to their Facebook page named Centennial Anime Club [HOCO].

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Centennial’s Empire Mock Trial Club

Words: Natalie Keane

Empire Mock Trial is a club in which students learn to debate with each other while gaining perspective on world topics and issues. The students of the club use critical thinking skills while simulating a real court case.

From September 21 to 25, the students of this club attended an International Empire Mock Trial competition taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. The group, made up of 17 students including two team captains, competed against teams from around the country and the world in the span of five days, where they put their skills to the test in a case involving prison negligence.

“The best part about going to an international competition is getting to meet new people and getting closer with those you know,” junior Mary Slattery said, who serves as the team’s attorney, “[The] competition is intense and requires a lot of work, so we spend a lot of time with our team.”

While in Atlanta, they also toured the CNN world headquarters and met with CNN10 host Carl Azus, who spent time with them and talked about working at CNN.

The team had been preparing for the competition since June, but while Centennial did not end up coming in first, the trip was much more to them than beating their opponents. It was about team bonding, building their strengths and having fun.

“It’s more than just getting a trophy at the end of the day,” said Kelli McDonough-Schlehr, Empire Mock Trial’s teacher sponsor.

“They’re learning public speaking skills, they’re enhancing their confidence, [and] they’re also learning how to work as a team,” McDonough-Schlehr said.

Mock Trial is a team-oriented activity, which means it’s not just one person’s score that relates to how the team does. Everyone’s participation matters, and when someone faults, the support system falls into place.

“When one person was struggling, other people were there to help that individual,” said McDonough-Schlehr. “So, it’s really nice to see that.”

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Interim County Superintendent Holds Press Conference With Student Journalists

Words: Zach Grossman and Meghan Moore

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, Interim Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano met with high school journalists for a press conference at the Board of Education to discuss topics that students were concerned about.

Martirano began the conference with opening remarks, asserting himself as an “extremely student-centered leader.”

Students brought up topics such as the promotion of mental health in the school system, dropout rates, language barriers, overpopulation and redistricting, and technology in the classroom.

When asked about the modification of the vision statement to include the emotional well being of students, Martirano confidently stated that he believes that there needs to be a balance between academic work and achievements as well as students’ emotional well being.

“I want every young person to feel comfortable in school,” said Martirano. “Children need to feel comfortable in school before that educational process can occur. If the students don’t feel a sense of belonging, and being safe and taken care of, then that really starts causing great hindrance to the achievement of academic goals and being a productive citizen of society.”

He added that the county has even added positions within the upper administration to promote the wellness of students. In addition to promoting wellness, Martirano stated that he hopes for the school system to become a “pluralistic society… where everyone is valued within that community.”

When asked about overpopulation and redistricting, Martirano relayed that the three most overpopulated high schools are Centennial, Long Reach, and Howard. He stated that they intend to offer opportunities to relocate students from those three schools to schools like River Hill and Oakland Mills, which have empty or low-attendance classrooms.

There are four viable plans to manage overpopulation and redistricting currently being reviewed by the Board; however, Martirano shared that the school system does not intend to redistrict the entire county until construction of High School 13 is underway.

Throughout the meeting, Martirano commented on numerous other topics. He shared passionate aspects and visions to improve early childhood opportunities to combat potential student dropouts. He also shared a vision of community outreach for parents who have a hard time comprehending the English language. Martirano reasoned his passion by stating that “parents are the primary teachers.”

Because so many schools in the county are overpopulated, technology resources are outdated. Martirano said, “we have not kept up with the technology needs of the 21st century school system.”

According to staff members in several schools around the county, the Howard County Public Schools System does not have sufficient technology resources to match the student population. Martirano stated, “When we have such high performing schools and we have technology needs, I find that unconscionable.”

According to Martirano, the school board recognizes these issues fully and is looking to make change, but technology also equals money.

HCPSS has an annual budget of $820 million dollars, and Martirano expressed that incorporating technology resources into the budget is a “…very heavy lift from a financial point of view. So if you’re not keeping up with the replacement cycle, and you don’t have a strategic plan, once again, another issue is coming right square on my desk.” Although Martirano admitted that “we need to do a better job,” he also explained that the school system must “balance priorities.”

Changes and improvements will come progressively, but the issue is something that concerns Martirano. “It keeps me up late at night because our students don’t have the tools at the level at which I would expect the optimal learning environment to occur.” Martirano said he is “firmly driven by taking care of young people’s needs.”

Martirano has empowered his technology leaders to solve the myriad of issues surrounding technology. “I have individuals right now who are overseeing my technology department to begin the development of a strategic plan.”

Martirano ended the conference with closing statements about his vision for HCPSS.

“I see our [school system’s] best days ahead of us.”

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Centennial Hosts County’s Cross Country Meet

Words: Eliza Andrew

On Wednesday October 25, Centennial High School hosted the County’s Cross Country Meet, with the competing schools of Atholton High, Centennial High, Glenelg High, Hammond High, Howard High, Long Reach High, Marriotts Ridge High, Mt. Hebron High, Oakland Mills High, Reservoir High, River Hill High, and Wilde Lake High.

There were 4 races: JV boys, JV girls, Varsity Boys, and Varsity girls. Centennial placed 3rd overall in the boys Varsity race, with senior Steven Mitchell placing 14th, and senior Greg Costello placing 3rd, both making the top 15 for the boys. The girls, placing 2nd overall, had 3 girls in the top 15: junior Cora Blount placed 11th, junior Alison Betler placing 6th, and senior Kirsten Wikner placing 5th. This was a great race day for Centennial, because of their top placement on the scoreboards, and was overall a great day for the Cross Country Eagles.  The Varsity teams will continue against Reservoir and Oakland Mills on November 2, at Centennial for the regional championship.

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Centennial Girls’ Varsity Soccer Defeats Long Reach

Words: Delanie Tucker

On Wednesday October 26, Centennial’s Girls’ Varsity Soccer team took an unexpected win over Long Reach High School. For a majority of the game, possession went back and forth. Though Centennial played well, 2 goals were conceded in the first half. For most of the second half, both teams played their defense to make sure the score stayed, but in the last 7 minutes, Centennial broke down Long Reach’s back line.

After playing most of the game at defense, senior Kelli Dunnagan, was moved up top, quickly scoring Centennials first goal. Shortly after, Dunnagan scored another, putting Centennial back in the game. With their confidence restored, Centennial pushed forward to get a last minute goal from junior Ashley Moltz.

With the excitement of Centennial winning their first round playoff game, the students in the crowd rushed the field, applauding the players in a frenzy. Centennial will play against the Atholton Raiders, on October 31 at Atholton High School.

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Centennial’s Varsity Volleyball Senior Night

Words: Maggie Ju

Marking the end of volleyball season, Centennial’s Varsity Volleyball team played against the Glenelg Gladiators on Thursday, October 26. It was the last game for seniors Emily Przybyla and Alexandra Stanislavsky, for the class of 2018. They were acknowledged before the game, to the enthusiastic cheers of the spectators. Two gold balloons, in the shape of an “A” and an “E”, were placed on the side of the gym in their honor.

The Eagles played hard, winning the first set, and each point was met with raucous cheering. There were outstanding hits and near-impossible saves, particularly from juniors Jackie Sterenberg and Nicole Attram. Though Centennial fell to Glenelg, 1-3, the team finished the season strong and in high spirits, looking forward to another great year.

Congratulations to Emily Przybyla and Alex Stanislavsky on a wonderful high school volleyball career! We wish you all the best.

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Centennial’s Ultimate Frisbee Club

Words: Josh Horen

The Ultimate Frisbee Club at Centennial High School is now in full swing. Meetings are held every Tuesday and Thursday in Mr. Panzarella’s room. (915). Club Co-President Jim Townsend is still actively looking for more players to join the team. The date for the first tournament is to be determined. Students from all grades are encouraged to join the club.

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