Centennial WorldFest

Words: Abby Vall

Photos: Sandy Eichhorn

Centennial held its annual WorldFest on Tuesday, March 28. The event is a time for the community to gather together and celebrate the diversity of cultures within Centennial. National Honor Society coordinated the event and members volunteered throughout the evening.

Centennial’s various clubs sold food from different cultures such as gimbap,Taco in a Bag, hummus, falafel, and meatballs. Along with plenty of food, there was a gallery walk with boards Centennial volunteers created celebrating their unique cultures. A multitude of countries were represented like the Philippines, India, Ireland, and Zambia.

There was a short break between the food booths and the fashion and talent show, where visitors could participate in several workshops ranging from belly dancing to flag making.

The fashion and talent show was a chance for students to represent their backgrounds by dancing, singing, and playing instruments. Bonding Through K-Pop, a North African Medley dance, and a Bollywood dance were some of the many performances. Halfway through the show, several students walked on stage with cultural clothing from countries such as India, China, El Salvador, Sudan, and several more.

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Boys’ Lacrosse Defeats Hammond

Words and Photos: Zach Grossman

On Friday March 24, 2017, the Centennial Boys Varsity Lacrosse team had an impressive win against Hammond High School with a score of 16-2.

Juniors Thomas Thurmond and Jeremy Wilson were the lead scorers in the game, which helped the team win by the large margin.

The Eagles now have a record of 1-1 and are ranked sixth in the overall standings.

The Eagles’ next game is away on Tuesday, March 28, against the Glenelg Gladiators.

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Cherry Blossom Festival

Words: Abby Vall

The trees are budding and the temperature is rising to seventy degrees in the middle of March, throwing a huge curveball at Maryland. That curveball is that Spring is quickly approaching, meaning the cherry blossoms are coming out. The flowers bloom in Washington D.C where an annual festival is held to celebrate.

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a weeklong event in Washington D.C., where beautiful blossoms can be found by famous monuments like the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Junior Fayyaz Zaidi shared that taking a stroll through the National Mall “was like nothing I have ever seen…it was so enticing that we spent around [two] hours just observing the true beauty of it.”

People from all over Maryland, and other countries and regions, come to see the beauty that visitors like Zaidi talk about.

Zaidi’s first time at the festival was in 2008 and he continues to go with his family. He said, “It was the mixture of the jubilant weather and the overall beauty of the flowers that made me want to keep going.”

When the sun starts shining consistently throughout the day, the buds bloom into a marvelous sight for all to see. There are other events going on while the flowers are out, like the Japanese Cultural Festival that senior Claire Lee attended. Lee found it convenient that both events were happening at the same time, and took advantage and enjoyed both.

Some students, like junior Carolina Requejo, have never been to the festival but look forward to going someday.

“[I] would be ecstatic to finally see the famous cherry blossoms,” said Requejo.

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a breathtaking sight for many students and Requejo shares, “It would be a great family trip and a once in a lifetime opportunity I’d love to experience with my family!”

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Zaching Against Cancer Basketball Tournament Week 3

Words: Zach Grable

The third day of the March Madness Zaching Against Cancer Basketball Tournament was played on Wednesday, March 22.

Caucasian Invasion played Natural Lightning first. The winner of this game would go on to play White Chocolate. Natural Lightning ended up beating Caucasian Invasion, then played and won against White Chocolate. The other two teams were Big III and Thoughts and Prayers, where Big III defeated their opponent.

For the championship, Natural Lightning will play the Big III on Wednesday, March 29, during Eagle Time.

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Third Annual Strutting with the Staff

Words: Zach Grable

Photos: Kieran Senisi

On Wednesday, March 22, the Third Annual Strutting With the Staff dance competition took place at Wilde Lake High School. This event was hosted by the Bright Minds Foundation.

Applications and Research Lab, Atholton, Centennial, Glenelg, Hammond, Homewood Center, Long Reach, Oakland Mills, Reservoir, River Hill, and Wilde Lake High Schools all participated in the competition.

Homewood won the event and every school performed very well. All donations were given to the Bright Minds Foundation, an organization that helps students obtain sufficient education and succeed within HCPSS.

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Centennial vs. Homewood Game

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Photos: Shalini Malhotra and Zach Grable

Centennial hosted Homewood for the annual Centennial vs. Homewood game on Wednesday, March 22. Centennial’s team was made of up students from the Sports for Life classes. Eighteen Centennial students played: Shawn Atmar, John Bossom, Drew Burk, Stephen Cagas, Floyd Collier, Sean Cooley, Paul Drutch, Hamzah Elhabashy, Hudson Graves, Nick Haskins, Zane Haug, Justin Homassel, Alex Kartak, Andy Lee, Ammar Narmouq, Michael Pellegrini, Eli Ross, and Kevin Woo. The team was coached by Corey Eudell, Shawn Hill, Andrew Hohmann, Michael Kefyalew, and Sean Taylor.

Homewood quickly took the lead in the opening play of the game and continued to put points on the board. Centennial responded with strong passes and teamwork but was unable to take the lead. Centennial trailed 13-10 at the end of the first quarter.

During the second quarter, Collier started the Eagles off with a basket while Pellegrini and Burk also helped close the gap between the teams. Despite their best efforts, Centennial went into the locker room behind 23-17 at the half.

During halftime, Matthew Na energized the crowd with his halftime dance party. Centennial fed off this energy and was able to take the lead in the third quarter after Graves hit two foul shots. Homewood quickly responded with a three point shot and once again took the lead. The Eagles fought back, with Narmouq, Pellegrini, and Haug putting points on the scoreboard, but Homewood made impressive three point shots to keep them ahead. Centennial went into the fourth quarter behind 37-31.

The Eagles came out hard in the fourth quarter with Burk putting up two, Graves with four, and Haug with seven. However, the crowd agreed with emcees Meg Thompson and Rachel Mathew about Centennial’s lack of defense, and Homewood continued to score relentlessly.

Centennial ultimately fell to Homewood, 55-46. After the game, the teams participated in a dunking competition and a three-point contest where Centennial won the former and Homewood the latter.


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Softball Defeats Wilde Lake in Season Opener

Words and Photos: Sandy Eichhorn

Centennial’s Varsity Softball team kicked off the season with a victory over the Wilde Lake Wildecats on Tuesday, March 21.

Despite the slow start, the Eagles took the lead after senior Caroline Strott and freshman Sarah Phelps each scored a run. The Eagles held this 2-0 lead until freshman Sarah Allen scored off of a hit by junior Gracie Rockefeller.

Centennial kept hounding the Wildecats and quickly increased their lead to 6-0 with runs from freshman Sarah Sopchick, sophomore Grace Bennett, and freshman Lauren Marcotte.  

Wilde Lake generated some scoring opportunities but with key plays from Bennett and Rockefeller, the Eagles kept them off the scoreboard.

The Eagles scored two more runs to end the game from senior Celina Jensen and Rockefeller, defeating the Wildecats 9-0.

Centennial will play against Howard High School on Thursday, March 23.

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Zaching Against Cancer Basketball Tournament Week 2

Words: Zach Grable

Friday, March 17, was the second day of the 3v3 Zaching Against Cancer Basketball Tournament. The remaining teams played in hopes of advancing to the Elite Eight.

Five games were played on the second day of this tournament. Titled played White Chocolate, Caucasian Invasion played The Elmos, The Stonecrests played Natural Lightning, Yashas Lokesh played Thoughts and Prayers, and Century Drive played Big III.

The winners of the games were White Chocolate, Caucasian Invasion, Natural Lightning, Thoughts and Prayers, and Big III. These teams will play on Wednesday, March 22.

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St. Patrick’s Day

Words: Nick Klein

Whenever March 17 comes rolling by, students at Centennial High School take the time to celebrate the Irish holiday that has become synonymous with the color green. Students wear bright colored clothes and green shamrocks, and some even go as far as dressing up like leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day.

Despite its worldwide celebration in modern time, St. Patrick’s Day started as a Christian feast day, commemorating St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. As Irish culture spread throughout the world, the tradition reached millions of people who now take part in the parades and parties for the holiday.

Celebrated in the United States since the 18th century, Americans have taken part in the unofficial holiday as a celebration of Irish and Irish-American culture. Wearing green is customary, and many cities have parades and special events.

Many students and teachers at Centennial will be taking part in St. Patrick’s festivities tomorrow, Friday, March 17.

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Zaching Against Cancer 3v3 Tournament

Words: Zach Grable

Wednesday, March 8, kicked off the annual 3v3 Zaching Against Cancer Basketball Tournament. Many teams signed up for this event and money was donated towards the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation.

The three minute games were played during Eagle Time. A total of six games were played.  The first games were the Goofy Gooberz vs Ummm…I Don’t Know, the Manorey’s vs the Corey’s, and the Sauce Squad vs Feels Night. The winner included Ummm…I Don’t Know, the Corey’s, and Feels Night. These three teams moved onto the next round and played one more game.

Red Lyfe beat Ummm…I Don’t Know, Denied From Stanford beat the Corey’s, and Che’s Prospects lost to Feels Night. These teams will advance to the next round on Wednesday, March 15, during Eagle Time.

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