Dancing with the Staff

Words: Mehnaz Ashraf

Centennial High School held it’s annual Dancing with the Staff event on Wednesday, November 16.

The teachers and student duos did a phenomenal job creating their routines and performing them to the audience.

Senior Gabrielle O’Brien and Mr.O’Brien took home the trophy for winning the popular vote. However, Mr. Matchim and senior Sarah Kim won the Judges’ Choice with their choreography to a Lady Gaga remix.

Among the finalists were sophomore Alison Betler and Mr. McCoy as 3rd runner up, junior Josie Brock and Mrs. Bickell as 2nd runner up, and junior Grace Dwyer and Ms. Ward as first runner up.  

This was the last Dancing with the Staff for senior Radhika Gholap who said, “I’m proud to call Mr. Piluk my last dance partner and [I] had a really great time.”

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Cross Country State Championships

Words: Kieran Senisi

On Saturday November 12, the Cross Country MPSSAA 3A State Championship took place at Hereford High School.  

Seven out of the 35 high schools that participated were from Howard County. In the 3 Mile Varsity Men’s Race, Centennial High School finished in fifth place and senior Daniel Gao finished in twenty second place out of the 195 participants.  

For the Women’s 3 Mile Varsity Race, Centennial finished in fourth place with two out of the seven Centennial runners finishing in the top ten. Sophomore Alison Betler finished in ninth with a time of 20:02.2 and senior Kara Taylor finished in tenth with a time of 20:05.0.

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National Signing Day

Words: Zach Grable

National Signing Day was on Friday, November 11. Centennial had five seniors that signed this fall.

Three athletes signed to play lacrosse; Laurie Bracey who signed with the University of Maryland, Gabby Fairley who committed to the University of Vermont, and Mason Smith who signed with York College of Pennsylvania. Centennial also had Camryn Allen sign to play volleyball at Towson University and Mary Margaret Baldy signed to Ursinus College to play field hockey.

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Centennial Student Performs in All National Honor Ensemble Symphonic Orchestra

Words: Caroline Chu

The weekend of November 12, Centennial junior Jisoo Choi participated in the All National Honor Ensemble Symphonic Orchestra in Grapevine, Texas.

Choi played viola and performed works by Hector Berlioz and Arturo Marquez.

She was selected from a national group for acceptance after submitting a video audition and a recommendation from Allen Leung, Centennial’s orchestra teacher.

Choi credits her interest in the All-National Honor Ensembles to the Centennial Music Department. She describes the program as having given her “a diverse repertoire and an interest in all aspects of music theory and performance.”

At the event, she enjoyed seeing “how unifying the shared love for music was.”

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Girls’ Soccer Loses in State Semifinal

Words: Zach Grable

On Saturday, November 12, the Centennial Eagles Girls’ Varsity Soccer team played the Urbana Hawks in the 3A State Semifinals at Linganore High School.

Although temperatures approached freezing, this very important game brought many fans from each school to the stadium.

The first half was scoreless. Centennial had multiple opportunities from senior Jasmine McCree, junior Kelli Dunagan, and sophomore Mckenna Griffin, yet they could not finish. The Hawks didn’t have as many opportunities, but also could not put one through the net. This was mainly because of the Eagles’ strong defense, led by seniors Sandy Eichhorn, Madi Griffin, and Cristina Narron, and junior Claudia Pilcher.

Mid way through the second half, Urbana had a breakaway that led to the first and only goal of the game. There was some controversy about this goal because it could have been offsides. With about twelve minutes left in the game, Centennial tried their best to tie, or even win, the game. They had some chances, including a shot by Narron that hit the crossbar. The Eagles were running low on time, and had one final chance to score. A corner by sophomore Ashley Deng could’ve tied the game for Centennial, but it was kicked out by an Urbana player. The final score was 1-0, Urbana.

Centennial fought until the end and had a great season, winning the Regional Finals for the first time since 2004. The Eagles hope to have a good season next year with many returning players.

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Puerto Rican Band Visits Centennial

Words: Minnie Gregorini

Photos: Sabrina Han

On Monday, November 14, Los Pleneros de la 21, a musical group from New York, visited Centennial.

The group travels to different cities, promoting Puerto Rican culture and presenting the history of the nation’s music that includes influences from other musical cultures. They performed during first period in the cafeteria and many of Centennial’s Spanish classes attended.

Junior Francis Kim said, “I found it interesting how the drummers used the rhythm of the dancer to make the beats.”

Senior David Uribe said, “I learned that even if I’m not familiar with a culture’s traditions, I can still participate in them and have fun!”

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Harvey Review

Words: Lien Hoang

The Centennial High School play production of Harvey began on Thursday, November 10 and ended on Sunday, November 13. Performances started at 7pm on the first three days of production and 3pm on the last day.

Harvey is a hilarious and entertaining play about a charming man named Elwood Dowd, played by senior Miguel Fernandez, who believes a giant six-foot bunny is living in his home. His sister, Veta Louise Simmons, played by senior Mevie Henderson, tries to commit him to a sanitarium, which leads to all kinds of comedic issues.

The production of Harvey entertained the audience with its creative plot.

Freshman understudy Ali Ibrahim said, “Being a part of the production of Harvey was an incredible experience.”

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Bon Appétit!

Words: Meghan Moore

On Thursday, November 10, students taking French classes at Centennial went to Petit Louis Bistro for authentic French cuisine.

“We went in order to get an authentic taste of the amazing French culture,” said junior Isabel Trojillo.

Students were able to bring what they learned from the classroom into the real world by reading menus written in French as well as speaking to the waiters in French.

As a special surprise, Howard County Board of Education Superintendent Renee Foose, ate with the students.

“She [Foose] used the opportunity to ask us about how to change the school system for the better,” said junior Katelin Phelps.

Students had the ability to apply what they’ve learned outside the classroom while enjoying a nice lunch with their classmates at the Columbia lakefront.

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Volleyballs Falls Short in Sectional Finals

Words: Zach Grable

On Wednesday, November 9, the Centennial Eagles Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team played at Mount Hebron, where they played in the 3A Sectional Finals.

Being one of the biggest rivalries in the county, the game attracted many fans, and both sides were full.

In the first set, the crowd was extremely energetic, and following every point, the Hebron or Centennial side roared with excitement. Both teams were very skilled, which resulted in a very even first set. However, towards the middle of the set, the Eagles brought up their pace and began to gain a lead. Seniors Camryn Allen and Gabby Fairley shined as they aided Centennial through their first set victory. They scored multiple points which went unanswered by the Vikings. They kept this lead until the end, winning the first set 25-20.

During the second set, the Vikings played hard and quickly took the lead. Despite Centennial’s best efforts, they were not able to bounce back and lost 25-16.

The third set was similar to the first, with both teams battling for the lead. The crowd was chanting, screaming, and trying to get in the opposing team’s head as the Vikings and Eagles fought for the upper hand. Centennial gained the lead first, scoring three points in a row. Hebron quickly answered to put them ahead. Although Centennial’s defense was playing great, they could not hold the Vikings from scoring. The score was 21-17 before Centennial Coach Michael Bossom took a timeout to calm things down. However, the Vikings continued to score and won the third set, 25-21.

The series was 2-1, Herbon. The fourth set began with Hebron on top, with the Eagles close behind. As the Vikings gained a larger lead, Bossom was forced to take yet another timeout to strategize with his team.

The Eagles lost in a heartbreaking effort, 25-16. Centennial fought long and hard the entire season, but all great things must eventually come to an end.

The Eagles hope to have a good team next year with many of their young, yet experienced players.

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Girls’ Soccer Wins Regional Championship

Words: Zach Grable

On Monday, November 7, the Centennial Girls’ Varsity Soccer team beat the Westminster Owls for the 3A Regional Finals.

Centennial started off the half with a huge desire to crush the Owls. They quickly put three goals in the net. Junior Kelli Dunagan passed the ball to senior Jasmine McCree for the first goal of the game that gave the Eagles a boost of morale. Shortly after, sophomore Mckenna Griffin received a ball from McCree and flew by multiple defenders to give Centennial a 2-0 lead. However, the Eagles were not done yet. They kept up their intensity and scored yet another goal by McCree. Although no goals were scored for the rest of the half, the Eagles did not let up their offensive attacks.

In the second half, the Eagles suffered a devestating injury. McCree injured her hamstring, and Coach Baxter put in freshman Sarah Sophchick. Sopchick had a stellar game, and scored a unassisted goal to give the Eagles their fourth and final goal.

Centennial will move onto the State Semi-Finals on Saturday, November 12, against Urbana High School.

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