Music Outside of Choir

Words: Diana Cagas

There is more to music than being enrolled in choir class. To some people, music is just an elective. To others, it is a hobby, and to everyone else, music is their life. Those who have a passion for music do a lot more with it outside of just being involved with choir.

Freshman Matt Sorak is currently in Centennial’s Concert Choir. Besides being a singer, he is also involved with the theatre program. Sorak has been enrolled in choir class since he was in seventh grade, and has had an interest in acting since he was in third grade.

Sorak’s passion for music came from his parents who encouraged him and his brothers to work with music, and hopes to become a musical theatre actor, director, and writer. He is currently in the production of Pippin by Stephen Schwartz. According to Sorak, the whole cast is made up of Young Columbians, which is a group of extremely talented musical actors. They have performed in places including The Kennedy Center, The Lincoln Theatre, and The White House.

“[Being enrolled in choir and theatre programs] is very good experience for me to get better at what I hope to do in the future,” said Sorak.

Another student who is involved with music is freshman Ashley Xu. She is currently in Centennial’s Women’s Choir, Bella Voce. Outside of Centennial’s walls, Xu is a second-year member of Peabody’s Children’s Chorus’s highest group called Cantate. Being a part of the group, Xu had the opportunity to perform in Austria and Germany during the summer of 2015. “It was an incredible experience,” she said. Xu also performed in the All State Junior Chorus and takes piano lessons weekly.

Music has been a part of Xu’s life since she was young. “Part of the reason I do music is to inspire others as much as it inspires me,” she said.

Xu joined choir because it allowed her to interact and build friendships. Although she does not plan to major in music professionally, she is positive that music will remain important to her in the future.

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It’s Academic History Bowl

Words: Vaishnavi Mahalingam

Centennial’s It’s Academic participated in the National History Bowl in Crystal City, Virginia, over the weekend of April 23 and 24. Centennial sent five teams to the tournament, but there was a total of almost 300 teams from all over the country participating in the 16-hour competition.

The JV A team, Varsity B team, and Varsity A team all exceeded expectations and defeated many highly ranked contenders.

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Preparing for AP Exams

Words: Nicholas Klein

One of the most dreaded times of the school year is the time of AP exams. Occupying the first two weeks of May, the AP exams last around three hours each. Getting a good score on the AP is in the minds of many students at Centennial High School, and preparing for the exam properly is important.

Resources are available in classrooms, in libraries, and in stores, providing essential information for the AP exams. Jacob Boeye, a sophomore at Centennial, has used these resources to his advantage. To prepare for his upcoming AP exams, he “bought the Princeton Review books and [studies] for hours every week.”
Adam Kelemen, a junior at Centennial, is currently preparing for his Calculus AB exam. “Every day for two months prior to the AP, I [have done] practice free response questions or practice multiple choice problems from previous AP Calculus exams,” said Kelemen.
The AP exams are not something to take lightly. Hours upon hours of studying and practice are needed to receive a good score. However, by using resources such as practice exams and review books, students can make the AP less worrisome and give themselves a much better chance of doing well.
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Competitions This Past Weekend

Words: Vaishnavi Mahalingam

This weekend, Model UN, Model Arab League, and Science Olympiad held tournaments, competitions, and conferences.

Centennial’s Model UN participated in the Baltimore Area Model UN conference, hosted by Mount Saint Joseph and Seton Keough. Jack Grandolfo placed first and was named best delegate on the Security Council, Dora Delmelo was named best delegate on the Specialized Committee, and Philemon Kendzierski was named best delegate for Crisis Number Two. Connor Heslin was named best delegate and presented the best position paper. Brittney Murgesan was named Outstanding Delegate and placed second on the Specialized Committee, while Radhika Gholap, Gesna Aggarwal, and Alex Na received honorable mentions.

Georgetown University hosted a Model Arab League conference this weekend, where the Centennial delegation represented Saudi Arabia. Julie Wang served on the Summit of Arab Heads of State, Thomas Regnante on the Council on Palestinian Affairs, Amy Guo on the Council of Arab Environmental Affairs Ministers, and Niti Contractor on the Council on Political Affairs. Wang and Regnante were named distinguished delegates, while Guo and Contractor were named outstanding delegates.

Centennial’s Science Olympiad earned first place at Saturday’s State Tournament at Johns Hopkins University. Kathy Klyushnichenko, Sarah Ho, Helen Kuo, Angela Zhu, Suzie Byun, Jason Li, Eric Metz, and Tom Zong won gold medals. Emma Qian, Mahesh Sullivan, and Tomo Yamaguchi earned silver medals. Honorable mentions were awarded to Chy Murali, Felicia Wang, Nicole Meister, and Gordon Wu.

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Get Out and About

Words: Caroline Chu

This week Ellicott City has seen temperatures in the seventies and even eighties. Since students will not be seeing freezing temperatures for a while, the opportunity for outdoor activities increases. Listed below are a few options.

  1. Sandy Spring Adventure Park

This zipline and ropes course located in Sandy Spring, Maryland, includes 190 platforms high up in the trees. The trails vary in difficulty, ranging from purple, recommended for young children, to double black, an area traversed by only the most experienced. The course is open until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. On these days, the park is lit with LED lighting when the sun goes down, offering a magical experience.

2. Lake Elkhorn Park

Located in Columbia, Maryland, Lake Elkhorn Park offers a variety of activities. Paddleboards and kayaks are available for rent, and the park is connected to the Savage Mill trail, which runs for five miles. Running along the trail lies a myriad of exercise equipment, including monkey bars and sit-up benches. If you’re looking for a good free workout in a beautiful setting, this is the place to be.

3. FootGolf at Northwest Golf Course

Both soccer fans and golf fans will love this up-and-coming trend. Silver Spring, Maryland, Northwest Golf Course offers FootGolf. Players try kicking soccer balls into 21-inch-diameter holes using golf’s basic model. On Fridays, tickets are $17.95 a person, and on Saturdays, $19.95 a person.

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Allied Softball Senior Night Game

Words: Meghan Moore

On Tuesday, April 19, the Centennial Eagles Allied Softball team went up against the visiting River Hill Hawks for their senior game.

The Centennial team played a marvelous game, with all players having at least one hit. Freshmen Hassan Hamood and Ian Winters, as well as juniors Dominic Roybal and Mike McCarthy, had four outstanding hits to help move the Eagle offense. Junior Jonathan Hanks contributed three hits, junior Yousef Touni and sophomore Matthew Na had two hits. The defense was also led by McCarthy on the mound, and Hassan on the third base.

In their senior game, seniors Michael Havlik and Orkun Unal had 6 hits combined, with Havlik contributed four and Unal putting up two. Havlik also dominated defense, remaining the first-baseman when fielding.

The allied softball team has one more game at Meadowbrook on April 22, make sure to go out and show your Centennial support.

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Awkward’s Final Performance of the 2015-2016 School Year

Words: Caroline Chu

On Monday, April 18, Awkward, Centennial High School’s improvisation group, held its last performance of the year. The event started at 6:00 p.m. and ended at 7:00 p.m.

The Awkward team performed fan favorites, “Surprise Lines” and “Party Quirks.”

Junior Jack Goodman acted as Kim Kardashian in “Party Quirks.” In the game “Surprise Lines,” junior Owen Marcinek and senior Zak Starry pretended to be sisters fighting over a hairbrush.

Junior Maddie Caldis said, “I have been [in] the troupe since my freshman year and this is the largest the team has ever been. With fifteen people, it is amazing to see how wide the variety and talents are.”

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Varsity Softball Defeats Wilde Lake

Words and Photos: Sandy Eichhorn

On Friday, April 15, the Centennial Varsity Softball team defeated the Wilde Lake Wildecats. The game was very impressive, as Centennial won 28-6. Many of the Eagles scored runs and were all able to get on base. Also, the Centennial defense was able to quickly tag out any Wilde Lake players to keep them under ten runs.

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SMOB Public Forum

Words: Vaishnavi Mahalingam

On Wednesday, April 13, the candidates for next year’s Student Member of the Board (SMOB) participated in a public forum at the Howard County Board of Education building. The candidates, Wilde Lake junior Griffin Diven and Atholton junior Brooke Walker, answered questions pertaining to their viewpoints on certain issues and their goals if elected to the position. The event was moderated by the current Student Member of the Board, Howard High School senior Rachel Lin, and the president of the Howard County Association of Student Councils (HCASC), Libby Milano.

Each candidate began with an opening statement introducing himself or herself and his or her prior leadership experience, and provided a short statement on his or her goals if appointed to the position. Diven mentioned that he had had previous experience in the Social Studies Honor Society, the National Honor Society, and his theatre class. He emphasized the importance of promoting the student voice and ensuring that each student has full access to any opportunities that he or she wants.

“We need to ensure that student leadership is being promoted each day,” he stated. Walker commented on her past leadership experience in the Atholton High School Student Government Association, Delta Scholars, and Black Student Union. If elected to office, she communicated her desire to represent each student. “I believe all voices matter and all voices should be heard,” she said.

The discussion itself was purely prompted by the audience members. When the audience had questions, they wrote them down on pieces of paper and passed them to the moderators, who presented the questions to the candidates. Questions were also sent through Twitter, using the hashtag “#HoCoSMOB.” The candidates offered their opinions on issues such as school start times, the food policy, bullying, and the dress code. In addition, the candidates answered questions about how they planned to advocate for all students, the characteristics they possessed that would facilitate their campaign, why they were running for the position, and what their first priority was if elected to office.

The candidates each concluded the discussion with a thirty-second closing statement. Diven commented that his campaign was based on promoting leadership among students and making the student voice heard. “I want you to know that you have a voice,” he stated. Walker mentioned that she was running for SMOB in order to ensure that each person has a voice in the Board of Education. “Every single voice will be heard,” she said.

The final election for Student Member of the Board will take place on April 20 in middle and high schools throughout the county.

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Artist of the Week: Jessica Hoang

Words and Photos: Jeremy Hall

Centennial junior, Jessica Hoang, loves art because it is a phenomenal stress reliever and is a valuable exercise which allows her to express her creativity. Hoang is currently enrolled in Art III AP. Hoang claims that art is very important to her because it allows her to get through a stressful day.

Hoang has been creating art since she was young and plans to continue her practice throughout her life. Hoang says that art class is the only class that she looks forward to everyday. This is only Hoang’s second oil painting, however, she believes she has improved since her initial project.

This particular self portrait was challenging for the artist because she had to start over multiple times with the help of Ms. Collins in order to capture the style that she desired to create. Hoang says she is very proud of this piece because she was able to create a successful piece. Through trial and error, Hoang created a piece that she was fully satisfied with.


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