Centennial’s New App

Words: Vaishnavi Mahalingam

Centennial High School will soon have its own app for student and teacher use. The app, available on any phone that can access a mobile web browser, will consolidate information about Centennial, allow administrators to assign school events with geographical locations, and reward students who attend these events.

The app will use FanCams and allow teachers to send push notifications to promote school spirit. It will link to The Wingspan, online store, and school website, and will even display rosters for Centennial’s varsity and junior varsity teams for each sport.  

In order to design the app, Centennial’s Student Government Association (SGA) has collaborated with Superfan U, a company that develops spirit apps for schools and universities. Senior Pranav Ganapathy, president of the SGA, has led the effort to introduce the app to Centennial. The SGA will be purchasing the app and implementing it.

The app will have powerful implications for the school, including parents, alumni, and students and staff.

“It’s a great way to bring the community together,” Ganapathy commented.

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Are Teenagers too Old to Trick-or-Treat?

Words: Caroline Chu

Most people seem to agree that adolescence is a time when the line between childhood and adulthood is blurred. Fall has leapt into full height, which raises the question about whether or not high school students are too old to trick-or-treat. The answer stemming from the teens themselves is a resounding “no.”

“Trick-or-treating was created to have fun with friends,” freshman Leina Maeda said.

Teenagers deserve to celebrate Halloween at its fullest potential like anyone else, which consists of the nearly hundred year-old practice of trick-or-treating.

Adolescence brings out a need for companionship, and any activity done with friends can benefit a teenager. It is widely known that humans need individuals that share common interests, and celebrating Halloween could be one such interest.

Some adults also agree that teenagers can trick-or-treat, as long as they respect boundaries.

“It’s important they respect the kids out in the neighborhood and the people handing out the candy,” Abigail Holleman, a Centennial parent, stated. “It’s fine [that teenagers trick-or-treat] if they do so.” 

These restrictions are typical of children under high-school age too, and teenagers can more easily follow these rules expected from society. Most high school students have already learned how to respect others, and can more easily put together costumes.

Tom Zong, a Centennial senior, believes that high schoolers “should be allowed the opportunity to try to hold onto their childhoods as they gradually slip away,” he says, referring to allowing teenagers to trick-or-treat.

Many students are stressed about school, high-pressure extracurriculars, college admissions, or all three, and appreciate being able to take a break.

Handing out a few extra treats isn’t much of a big deal. Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy a year for Halloween, as stated by the Huffington Post, and handing out an extra half-pound of candy per household doesn’t make a huge difference.

When considering if students are too old to trick-or-treat, remember that by allowing them to do so you are promoting mental health in the nation, age equality, and generally making people happier.

The weather getting colder is supposed to draw forth the spirit of sharing and joy, and letting high schoolers trick-or-treat draws forth that spirit to an even greater extent.

Sophomore Mallika Kadabha believes “Trick-or-treating doesn’t have an age limit.” After all, high-schoolers are still children by law.

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Boys’ Soccer Defeats Wilde Lake in Penalty Kicks

Words: Michael Moore

Photos: Izzie Chausse

On Thursday, October 29, the Centennial Boys’ Soccer team took on the Wilde Lake Wildecats in the first round of the state playoffs.

From the opening whistle, the game was neck and neck. While Centennial controlled possession for most of the game, the Wilde Lake goalie kept the Eagles out of the net. Senior Michael Merkey and junior Paul Drutch led the offensive push, with seniors Bobby Nasafi and Savya Konkalmatt helping from the midfield.

The first half ended in a 0-0 tie, with both teams trying to break through.

The second half was much of the same for both teams. The Eagles generated good offense, but could not find the back of the net.

When Wilde Lake did get a breakaway, the defensive duo of seniors Tom Brown and EJ Fowler denied any chance, with Fowler making great plays as the goalie.

The second half would end just the same as the first half, in a 0-0 tie. The game would go into two ten-minute overtime periods, both of which saw no goals being scored.The two teams who had battled it out for 100 minutes went to penalty kicks to decide the winner.

Merkey, Nasfi, and junior Justin Breedlove converted on their first three attempts. After Wilde Lake had made their first two shots, they sent their third player to the box. With the crowd loud and the game on the line, Fowler made a huge stop and the Eagles were close to victory. Konkalmatt was the fourth player to come up for the Eagles. The crowd went silent as he blasted the shot into the net.

The game was on the line as Fowler went back to the goal. The Wilde Lake player set up, and hit the post. The game was over. The fans rushed the field and the team tackled Fowler as everyone celebrated a hard fought win.

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Centennial Victorious in Cross Country County Championship

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Photos: Izzie Chausse

On Thursday, October 29, 2015, Centennial hosted the Cross Country County Championship.

The Centennial Girls’ A Team finished strong and were able to clinch first place. Senior Devin McIntyre and junior Kara Taylor finished seventh and eighth, with seniors Jessica Jiang and Ashley Mazer along with freshman Alison Betler finished in ninth, tenth, and fifteenth place respectively.

The Centennial Boys’ A Team finished in sixth place overall. Sophomore Daniel Gao led to team and finished in twenty-eighth place followed by seniors Andrew Frommer, Will Jackson, Jacob Rina, and Chris Savage in thirtieth, thirty-fourth, thirty-sixth, and forty-second place respectively.

Both teams have qualified for Regionals and will be competing on November 5. 

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Volleyball Loses to Howard on Senior Night

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Photos: Izzie Chausse

On Thursday, October 29, 2015, Centennial’s Varisty Volleyball team honored their seniors against Howard. The Eagles honored seniors Emily Allen, Taylor Anderson, Sam Hamshey, Liz Kwon, and Ally Rice. Along with the players, senior managers Jordan Ciraolo and Emily Davis were also recognized for their dedication to the team.

The Eagles came out strong in the first set and beat Howard, but fell to the Lions during the second set.

The Eagles were winning two sets to one entering into the fourth set, but Howard was able to defeat the Eagles in both the fourth and fifth set, winning the game.

The Eagles finished their season with a 10-3 record, and are preparing for playoffs.

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Field Hockey Falls to Atholton in Playoffs

Words: Paul Drutch

Centennial’s field hockey season has unfortunately come to an end after a defeat to Atholton on Thursday, October 29.  The game was a battle for possession, with impressive attacking plays from senior Vicky De Sande and junior Olivia O’Connell.  

Centennial’s defense had many important plays, including goal line clearances from juniors Bella Brillante and Charlotte DeCarlo. Centennial’s progress from earlier in the year was very apparent, only losing 1-0 as opposed to 9-0 earlier in the season.

Atholton scored in the last minutes of the first half. Perhaps one of the best performances of the year came from junior Jennifer Dietrich, Centennial’s goalie. Dietrich had double digit saves by the end of the game, and multiple blocks.  

The season has come to an end, but the improvement was noticed by all players and spectators.

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Introducing Centennial’s New Teachers: Part 3

Words: Nicholas Klein

Photos: Shalini Malhotra

Ms. Ward (Geometry and Algebra)

Q: Do you have any prior teaching experience?

A: “No, I’m a first year teacher.”

Q: What have you liked so far about our school?

A: “I love the students, they’re just all so different… they seem to want to get an education, which is awesome. The collaborative school spirit with anyone you come in contact with.”

Q: What are you looking forward to this year?

A: “Probably looking forward to the end of the year, not because it’s the end of the year, but to see how far the students come, seeing the change that happened over the course of the year.”

Q: Interesting Facts?

A: “I enjoy horseback riding, and I won Dancing With the Staff.”


Mr. Watson (Physics)

Q: Do you have any prior teaching experience?

A: “No, this is my first full year teaching at Centennial.”

Q: What have you liked so far about our school?

A: “Definitely the students, had a good time, lots of fun working with them.”

Q: What are you looking forward to this year?

A: “Making it through the year, keeping up with all of my work.”

Q: Interesting Facts?

A: “I do play video games all the time.”


Mrs. Mancini (English)

Q: Do you have any prior teaching experience?

A: “I’ve taught for seven years.”

Q: What have you liked so far about our school?

A: “Obviously the students are very engaging, very smart, and all of my new colleagues have been very helpful.”

Q: What are you looking forward to this year?

A: “Just getting to know everyone, getting to teach some different books than I have in the past. Maybe to start a literary magazine.”

Q: Interesting Facts?

A: “In my fantasy football league, [I’m the] three-peat champion.”

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It’s Academic Defeats Old Mill and Carver Center

Words: Vaishnavi Mahalingam

On Saturday, October 24, the Centennial It’s Academic TV team defeated Old Mill and Carver Center 655 points to 435 and 320, respectively. The TV team consisted of captain and senior Gary Tse (who returns after his Superbowl-winning performance last May), senior Kevin Costello, and junior Siri Neerchal. On January 9, 2016, the tournament will air at 10 A.M. on channel 13, WJZ TV CBS Baltimore.

The team’s next TV taping for the first playoff game will begin on March 1. They have many upcoming competitions, including the Georgetown University Invitational on Halloween and the History Bowl at St. Anselm’s Abbey School in November.

In the largest regional tournament in the country, Centennial will host over 80 teams on Sunday, November 8.

It’s Academic is grateful for the performance on TV by Centennial’s Drill team, who is reliable and professional. It’s Academic thanks the administrators, especially Assistant Principal Andie Roberson who appeared on the TV show, and the Centennial Boosters.

“This level of success would be impossible without their financial support,” director Eric Seifter commented.

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Boys’ Soccer Senior Night

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Photos: Hunter Hall

Boys’ Soccer faced Reservoir for their 2015 Senior Night on Friday, October 23. The team honored nine seniors: Shazabe Akhtar, Tom Brown, EJ Fowler, Josh Kim, Savya Konkalmatt, Ian McQuaid, Michael Merkey, Bobby Nasafi, and Phillip Vea. Along with the players, the team’s two managers, Samantha Courtemanche and Peyton Conley were also honored for their dedication to the team.

Centennial dominated the game, and the offense created many goal scoring opportunities. The Eagles were awarded many free kicks which put pressure on the Gator defense.

The Eagles quickly got a goal scored by junior Ammar Narmouq followed by a goal from sophomore Nick Haskins.

Fowler also kept the ball out of the goal, saving the few shots Reservoir generated. The Eagles ended the half with a 2-0 lead.

The lead quickly extended in the second half when Konkalmatt took a shot from the outside, and Merkey was able to finish on the rebound. The Eagles showed incredible speed and passing abilities throughout the entire field. Though they tried, the Gator forwards could not beat the solid Eagle defense.

Merkey scored another goal with 12 minutes left in the game. The final score was 4-0.

The Eagles finished third in the county with a 8-3 record. The Boys’ Soccer team will continue their season into the playoffs.

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Awkward Improv

Words: Diana Cagas

On Thursday, October 22, Centennial High School’s improvisational group, Awkward, took the stage as they acted out multiple skits.

Seniors Ben Newman and Zak Starry, along with juniors Maddie Caldis, Miguel Fernandez, and Owen Marcinek gave the audience an opportunity to suggest topics and locations, allowing them to perform their improvised skits.

Awkward skits are performed very similar to the improv comedy show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” The hour-long show was filled with hilarious skits, funny jokes, and uncontrollable laughter.

Awkward will be holding after school auditions on Tuesday, October 27 for any student interested joining the team.

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