Wingspan is Thankful this Thanksgiving

Words: The Wingspan Team

The Wingspan team has a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season, from our award winning news magazine to the great people that are on the team.

We are given opportunities every day to be grateful for what already exists in our lives. Every weekday, at 7:25 am, I am reminded of how grateful I am for my students and for all members of the Wingspan team. These individuals invest the minds, hearts, and souls into bringing you the news and sharing the stories that make a difference. To all of you: thank you. My life is enriched because you are in it.


I am grateful to all the wonderful opportunities that have presented themselves to me and the promising future ahead.

~Amanda Krew

I am thankful for the opportunities and experiences that the Wingspan has provided me during my journalism career and will continue to provide in the coming years.

~Madhu Lal

I am thankful that I am apart of an amazing community at Centennial. It is the greatest thing to know that you are part of place that inspires happiness and giving.

~Chythanya Murali

I’m thankful for Netflix!

~Amanda Ali

I’m thankful for my family and friends for always supporting me.  I’d also like to thank VW for everything he does for the journalism program.

~Martha Hutzell

I’m thankful to live in such a safe, supportive community.

~Anna Mitchell

I’m thankful to have caring and trustworthy friends.

~Sammy Kastner

I’m thankful for J1 kids that do work at a moments notice and for my family, friends, and anyone who has a positive  impact on my life.

~Corey Grable

I am thankful for my family and safe travels.

~Jonah Drenning

I’m thankful for being able to wake up every day safe and healthy and for the chance to achieve anything I choose.

~Sabrina Han

I am thankful the Wingspan team that gave me a place where I can follow my dreams and be myself.   I’m also thankful for my wonderful friends and family, including my sister who I get to spend every first period with in the Wingspan room.  And for VW who never stops supporting us.

~Giana Han


How Students Spent Their Gas Leak Gift Day Off

Photos and Words: Izzie Chausse and Shalini Malhotra


Megan Oliver- “I went to Double TT with my friends.”

Kayode Fatodu- “I hung out with Paul Drutch and watched movies.”

Peyton Conley-“I went thrift shopping”

Sana Aslam- “ I stayed home and watched Netflix all day.”

Claire Priestly-“I went laser tagging with my friends.”

Mr. Warren- “ I went back home and slept.”


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Performing Their Way Through the Holidays

Words: Ashley Berry

The Centennial High School Winter Spectacular is performed on Dec. 4 and 5 at 7:00 p.m. People of the Centennial High School community come to the school’s auditorium to watch the junior and senior dance companies, the musical theater, the jazz band, the orchestra, and the Madrigals perform holiday themed pieces.

The Winter Spectacular is an annual school production that puts people in the spirit of the holidays and shows off the talent of the school’s students. Performers from all groups participating in the Winter Spectacular are working hard to make their performances the best they can be.

The junior and senior dance companies started preparing for the event at the end of September. Melissa Nussbaum, a sophomore at Centennial High School and a dancer in the Senior Dance Company, said, “The junior and senior dance companies put in so much work to make the show amazing. We rehearse non-stop in class and after school.”

Nussbaum added, “The other dancers and I are practicing to perfect every dance number. We are also trying on all of our costumes to ensure that they fit.”

Rebecca Clark, the dance teacher at Centennial High School, feels as though the dancers will be very well prepared for the show and said, “I have a really talented group that truly enjoys performing. Together, we’re going to do what we can to be prepared and give the audience the best show we can.”

Musical theater is also working hard to prepare for the event and started working in October. Kathryn Carlsen, the musical theater teacher, said, “We have student choreographers that have been working with the class tirelessly to create some fun winter numbers.” She thinks, “They will be well prepared for their performance as they have been working on it for two months.  The show will be SPECTACULAR!”

Over 100 students are eager to perform for the holidays. Carlsen said, “The CHS Fine Arts department is the best in the county. I am constantly in awe of the student talent that we have here.”

Tickets to see the show are sold for $10.00. All profits made from ticket sales go to Centennial High School’s theater, dance, and music departments. Attending the Winter Spectacular is a way to support the high school and watch a holiday production. Carlsen hopes “to have 400 people in attendance each day,” at the Winter Spectacular.

Nussbaum asked for people to “Please come and support Centennial’s dance, theater, and music departments; it’s the perfect way to enjoy your holidays.”

Clark also wishes for everyone to come and see the show. She said, “The collaboration between the programs is outstanding and something that I look forward to each year.”


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Half Day Schedules for November24 and 25

Words: Giana Han

November 24

Period 1        7:25-7:55

Period 3        8:00-8:55

Break             9:00-9:10

Period 5        9:15-10:10

Period 4B      10:15-11:10

November 25

Period 1        7:25-7:55

Period 2        8:00-8:55

Break             9:00-9:10

Period 6        9:15-10:10

Period 4A      10:15-11:10



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Ms. Lapointe’s Pumpkin Cake Recipe

Pumpkin Cake


1 box white or yellow cake box

1 small can of pumpkin

¼ cup of vegetable Oil

1 cup of water

4 eggs

1 small package instant butterscotch pudding


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. and Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and beat until smooth. Pour into a bundt cake pan, tube pan, or bread pan. Bake the cake for 35-45 minutes. Serve plain or with whipped cream.

Thanksgiving Is Coming!

Words: Kelly Simmons

From November 26 to November 28, Centennial students will not have school. The three day break is to allow students to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving day is always held on the fourth Thursday of November. This year, it falls on the 27 of November.

Thanksgiving is a time when families gather together and give thanks for what they have been given. Many families use the short break as an opportunity to visit family members so they can celebrate and give thanks together. Thanksgiving allows family members to appreciate one another and to be grateful for what they have.

According to, the Thanksgiving holiday originated as a feast organized by the pilgrims of Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621 and was held to celebrate the good harvest. Pilgrims and Puritans who continued to immigrate to the colonies continued the public celebration of a good harvest, but there was no specific day across the colonies for when they would celebrate it.

During the revolutionary war, many of the celebrations that were meant to give thanks for a good harvest, had become warped by the British into a day where they celebrated the British cause of trying keeping the colonies. After the Revolutionary War, George Washington declared on November 26, 1789 that November 26 would be the set date to celebrate Thanksgiving across the country. Later, as years went by, Thanksgiving would come to be held on the fourth Thursday of November rather than November 26.

Although Thanksgiving is no longer celebrated to give thanks for a good harvest, its message of being thankful, grateful, and appreciative for what has been given is still strong in today’s times.

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is celebrated by gathering with family members over a large dinner composed of turkey and various side dishes such as potatoes, rolls, and green bean hot dish. Once the dinner is finished, different types are pie are served, the two most common being pumpkin and pecan pie.

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, people begin to bring out their favorite recipes. Some have been in families for multiple generations, while others are new experimental recipes seen in a cooking show or magazine. For those that are willing to try new foods, try some of the recipes sent in by Centennial’s own teachers.

Although, food is an awesome part about thanksgiving, try not to stray too far from the message of Thanksgiving.

“Thanksgiving is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude.” As E.P. Powell says.

With this in mind, everyone have a happy Thanksgiving!



Music to Keep on Your Radar, Issue II

Words: Amanda Krew

St. Vincent by St. Vincent

Genre: indie/art pop

Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, delivers her fourth full length LP with what may be a creative peak for the singer/song writer/guitarist. Throughout this self-titled record, we are exposed to a variety of textured tracks ranging from guitar-saturated rock to synth-heavy dance tacks all tied together by Clark’s ethereal voice. The tracks on this album are defined not only by its intricate layers and loops, but also by its clever lyrics covering themes such as the impersonal connection of the digital age in the track “Digital Witness” and the death of youth in “Prince Johnny.”

Dunes by Gardens & Villa

Genre: electronic pop

Santa Barbra natives Gardens & Villa have branched out from the fogginess of their first album in their clean-cut, punchy sophomore LP, Dunes. The minimalist nature of this album creates a “no fuss, no muss” California feel without losing the engaging quality of the record. This album is packed with exciting features such as a flute beat paired with chunky synthesizers found in the track “Domino.” Looped background tracks found in song like “Echosassy” and “Avalanche” are starched to an almost mechanical drone smoothed over by dream-like, floaty vocals of singer Chris Lynch.

This Is All Yours by Alt-J

Genre: experimental rock

Alt-J’s second full length-record, though more easily digestible than their first, is far from conventional. The album spans the arrival and departure of the Japanese city, Nara, which possible alludes to the adventurous tracks found on this LP. Vocals on tracks “Intro” and “Nara” are used more as instruments than a lyrical device, creating what has been referred to as “indie a cappella”. Breaking out of the “indie bubble,” Alt-J has used a vocal sample from Miley Cyrus’s “4×4” in their track “Hunger of the Pine,” repeating and modulating the line “I’m a female rebel.”

A Dotted Line by Nickel Creek

Genre: bluegrass/folk

After a nine-year hiatus, Nickel Creek is back with their sixth studio album. Organic vocals and tinny guitar riffs float through this album as it spans the well-rounded track list. Sara Watkins shows her vocal versatility though rich harmonies found in the track “Where is Love Now” and powerful wails found in “Destination.” Past the vocal tracks, this album also features beautiful bluegrass instrumental songs such as fiddle-heavy “Elsie” and the intricate guitar tune “Elephant in the Corn.”

Nickel Creek shows their versatility and musicianship in this album, making them so much more than just a bluegrass band.

Get Your Fraser Firs

Words: Ashley Berry

It’s that time of year again! Centennial High School’s annual Christmas Tree Sale is coming up. Sales will take place every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sales start on Saturday, Nov. 29 and end on Sunday, Dec. 21.

Members of the Boosters and the high school’s sports teams who sign up to help will be selling Christmas Trees, wreaths, and garland. The Boosters have bought 15 small, 80 medium, and 80 large beautiful fresh cut Fraser Firs, the same number as last year, and are hoping to sell them all. They also have bought 20-25 feet of white pine garland and 24 wreaths. A small tree, around 3-4 feet, with a stand is being sold for $30.00; a medium sized tree, around 6-7 feet, is being sold for $55.00; and a large tree, around 7-8 feet, is being sold for $65.00.

This fundraiser is held every year to raise money for after school clubs and sports. A portion of the profits go straight to the sports teams and clubs who help with the sale, and the rest of the profits go to the Boosters who use the money to support other sports, activities, and clubs. There is a senior citizen discount of 20% off the total purchase and all fees are payable by cash, check, or credit card.

David Eads, the president of the Centennial Boosters, said, ” The Christmas Tree Sale is important for the Centennial community because it is a time when a son or daughter can spend time with their mom or dad to help raise money to fund the extracurricular activities at Centennial High School. It is a fun event that I look forward to every year.”