Civility Week: Treasure Thursday 1/30/14

As part of Treasure Thursday, some students brought in toys, games, and stuffed animals for a Toys for Tots drive. Also, students in Mary Lynn Doff’s French IV classes organized a friendly competition for which class could complete more random acts of kindness before Valentine’s Day. Next week, we will wrap up Civility Week and post photos from Friendly Friday and the pep rally.

Civility Week: Wall Wednesday 1/29/14

On Wednesday, students had the opportunity to write a motivating quote or kind comment about another student on a post-it note. The sticky notes were then posted on the wall to be a visual reminder of civility week. Wingspan will continue to post about each day of Civility Week as students partake in different activities.

Centennial’s Teacher of the Year: Holly Pasciullo

Words: Miranda Mason

Photos: Martha Hutzell

Congratulations to Holly Pasciullo, who was announced as this years Teacher of the Year after seniors at Centennial voted over the past couple days. During third period, administrators, staff, and students surprised her with cake, balloons, and flowers showing their appreciation. Pasciullo was overcome with emotion, “I am so overwhelmed at this moment. As an English teacher, I’m out of words at this moment.”

“When you first walk into her classroom you can see how passionate she is, and she infuses that passion in to her students,” said senior Jessica Qiu.


Civility Week: Thoughtful Tuesday 1/28/14

On Tuesday, Centennial students had the opportunity to “catch people being kind” during their lunch shifts. Students wrote down students’ names who they saw doing a kind act, and those students will be “caught” on Friday when given tokens. Wingspan will continue to post about each day of Civility Week as students partake in different activities.

Civility Week: Message Monday 1/27/14

Yesterday, students at Centennial kicked off Civility Week by participating in Message Monday. Students passed around a paper with their name on it, as others wrote a nice comment or compliment about them. Many teachers had their classes participate, including Robin Fleegal, Stan Eisenstein, Rebecca Clark, and Ann Mulhollen. Wingspan will continue to post about each day of Civility Week as students partake in different activities.

Centennial Takes Steps Towards BYOD Program

Words: Miranda Mason

On Friday, Jan, 24, the Centennial High School Principal, Claire Hafets, met with members of the Howard County Department of Instructional Technology to discuss Centennial’s involvement with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

Three Howard County high schools, Long Reach, River Hill and Mount Hebron, are currently piloting BYOD in phase one of the program’s testing. Hafets met with the Department of Instructional Technology in order to get Centennial involved in phase two of the program’s trial run.

Centennial must submit a proposal to the county in order to be considered, and that proposal should be sent out in February, according to Hafets. Hafets also confirmed that by Monday, Jan. 27, at least 13 teachers at Centennial expressed interest in being involved in BYOD.

According to Hafets, access to devices hasn’t been a problem in the schools currently piloting the program, and any concerns the Centennial community has about involvement in BYOD will be considered.

“We will include the community in our plan,” said Hafets. “We will make sure everyone has a voice.”

Former Centennial Student, Tyler Johnson, One of Mall Shooting Victims

Words: Amy Myers and Emma Harring

Around 11:15 on Saturday, Jan. 25, a shooting took place inside of the Columbia Mall, leaving two victims and the shooter dead. Victims Tyler Johnson (age 25) and Brianna Benlolo (age 21) were both employed at the Zumiez store where the incident took place.

Centennial alumna Sarah Gregorini shares her thoughts via Facebook about Tyler Johnson.

Wingspan has confirmed with Howard County Public Schools that Tyler Johnson was a Centennial High School student.

Mitch Koehler, a Centennial alumnus from 2007, lived down the street from Johnson, who would drive Koehler to school. “After we graduated we would hang out in front of our houses just chatting and skating,” Koehler said.

Koehler, as well as several other Centennial graduates, posted their condolences on Johnson’s Facebook profile and expressed their shock and sorrow.

Mitch Kohler, former friends and classmate of Johnson, shares his reactions to the incident via Facebook.

Mitch Koehler, former friends and classmate of Johnson, shares his reactions to the incident via Facebook.

“In all honesty,” Koehler began, “as soon as I heard about the shooting I was pretty mad because this stuff keeps happening and as a gun owner and hunter these things [affect us] because the state has been changing laws about guns. But as soon as I heard it was Tyler my outlook completely changed. I wondered how? Why? What happened? How is his family doing? Things like that. I was pretty upset. Tyler was a good kid. He went through his troubles like we all do but last I talked to him he was doing much better and seemed really happy about it. He had a lot of friends and was always good to talk to or get a laugh out of. He’ll be missed by many.”

As part of the Centennial community, the Wingspan team sends its deepest condolences to Johnson, his family, and others involved.

Schedule for Jan. 14 (Period 1 Exam)

Period 1               7:25 – 9:05 (100 minutes)  Period 1 Exam
Period 2               9:10 – 9:50 (40 minutes)
Period 3               9:55 – 10:35  (40 minutes)
Period 4               10:40 – 12:40
A:  10:40 – 11:10
B:  11:10 – 11:40
C:  11:40 – 12:10
D:  12:10 – 12:40
Period 5               12:45 – 1:25 (40 minutes)
Period 6               1:30 – 2:10 (40 minutes)

Boys’ Basketball Wins Game Against Hammond

Words: Michael Moore

On Friday, Jan. 10, the Centennial boys’ basketball team hosted Hammond High School. The Eagles stayed hot in the first quarter, jumping out to an early lead, led by senior Chase Conley. They continued the intensity all the way through the first quarter to take the lead going into the second.

Hammond, however, came out firing in the second quarter, and surged past the Eagles. Centennial was able to cut the lead down at halftime, seemingly regaining some of their earlier momentum.

The third quarter was back and forth, both teams were continuing to play physical, and every basket had to be earned. The Eagles, however, found their stride and got their momentum back. Conley, sophomore Tom Brown, and junior Isaiah While were all major contributors.

The fourth was all Centennial. Two back-to-back dunks by White sent the crowd, players and coaches into a frenzy. It was clear that all the momentum was with the Eagles. Conley took over the game and looked like he could not be stopped. The Eagles won 70-62. Conley finished with 20 points, White had 12, junior Chad Strothers had 10, and Brown had 9.