Eagles Football Against River Hill Hawks

Words: Michael Moore

On Friday, September 27, the Centennial football team took the field against the River Hill Hawks for River Hill’s homecoming game.

The Hawks quickly took control of the game after blocking the Eagle’s first punt after a three and out on their first drive. The Hawks scored a little under two minutes later.

The Hawks would score two more times in the first quarter, including an interception returned for a touchdown. The Eagles would not go away without a fight though, a long run by senior Logan Tignall at the end of the quarter set up the Eagles only touchdown of the game, a 10 yard pass from Tyler Morris to Damon Reaves.

The Eagles lost any momentum they had when River Hill took the returning kickoff all the way for a touchdown. Throughout the rest of the game, the Hawks would score again on the ground, and intercepted another pass for a touchdown.

The Eagles played hard the whole game but just couldn’t keep up with River Hill, losing the game 42-7. The Eagles, now 3-1, get back at it soon though, with back to back home games against Long Reach, and Atholton for Centennial’s homecoming game.

All About Auditions

Words: Jordan Kudisch

A one-minute comedic monologue; sounds easy right?  I thought so too, but that was before I spent over four hours looking on the Internet. The same questions raced through my head, “Is that too funny?” or “Is that not funny enough?” Searching endlessly over the Internet I finally found one that seemed to fit just right, “I Ate the Divorce Papers” by Gabriel Davis. I began reading the script, and regurgitated the lines over and over until I could repeat it in my sleep. After several more hours I finally felt safe enough with the monologue to start performing it. I rehearsed it in front of the mirror, in front of my friends, in front of my family, and even in front of my theatre class. All the rehearsal should have made me feel at comfort but of course it did the exact opposite.

It was the day of auditions, basically the day that decided whether I go home with a smile on my face or a tear down my cheek. I walked into auditions, already feeling my clammy hands getting shaking and my memorization beginning to fade.  When I entered the theatre room I was welcomed by smiles, which led me to believe everyone had already finished their audition. I walked onto the stage, realizing I could not remember my lines, and stated my name and what I was performing.  I looked out into the crowd, shocked by the presence of not just Ms. Carlsen but also Mrs. Miller, Mr. Obrien and Mrs. Pasciullo. I started shakily with; “Hi my name is Jordan Kudisch and I will be performing…” which quickly made me realize it was time to start my monologue. After all the times in the mirror, or in front of my friends, the real thing was finally here. The words came out of my mouth and the emotions connected, it was like muscle memory was taking over. Before I knew it I heard ms. Carlsen say, “Thank you” and I abruptly left the stage sweating heavier than before. I walked off to the left wing of the stage, being approached by other performers telling me how well I did. Of course I was judging myself way too hard and completely disagreed with their praise. After I was back in the theatre room, my heart rate slowed down and the nerves eased as well. It was finally done. Something I had been rehearsing for days was done in a matter of minutes. I was too in shock to think about my actual performance.  I left Centennial that day smiling but unsure and told my parents that I thought I did okay.  The next step was the worst; waiting to see if I got a callback.

The next day I refreshed the CHS theatre website more times than my phone could handle, in anticipation for the results. My phone finally loaded, which felt like an eternity, only to surprise me that I got a callback. Then and there I texted all my friends and told them the news and prepared to worry even more on how I would be the best at callbacks. I went into callbacks that day and was more stressed and tense than I have ever felt before. My face was red, my hands were sweaty and my thoughts were out of control. Callbacks consisted of fitting you to the right character or fitting you to the show in general. I got called back for three different characters, Chris, Cassie and Claire. I really wanted Cassie but I knew that I would be thankful for anything. After nervously debating which character I would get, or when I would be called back next the auditions ended. I wasn’t satisfied when I left CHS that day but the wait only continued. This time the refreshing of the website became more vigorous and obsessive. I went out to lunch with my brother, a theatre alumni from Centennial, trying to get my mind off of things. While I was sitting at the lunch table, I saw a familiar face and was happily greeted by Ms. Carlsen, the woman of the hour. I ran over to her and gave her a big hug. She had asked me if I had read the cast list yet and I replied with a curious yet suspicious no. I quickly went to my phone, reloaded the page and silently screamed in excitement. Claire. I was Claire! I can’t even begin to say my feelings during this time, but I was proud, thankful, and full of excitement.

Even if you don’t think theatre is your thing, or don’t think you’re going to get a part, audition anyway. Chances are you could end up running into your theatre teacher at lunch and find out you are in the show.

Cast List for Rumors:

Ken Gorman: Gabe Lewman

Chris Gorman: Sarah Fritz

Lenny Ganz: Bobby Henneberg

Claire Ganz: Jordan Kudisch

Glenn Cooper: Daniel Giangrandi

Cassie Cooper: Kaylah Crosby

Ernie Cusack: Ben Newman

Cookie Cusack: Tara Rudomanski

Officer Welch: Tyler Zabriski



New POS System in Cafeteria

Photo: Anna Mitchell

Words: Miranda Mason

On September 24, 2013, a new Point of Sale (POS) system was put into place for the purchasing of school lunches at Centennial High School. Use of the new POS system is encouraged, but cash will still be accepted for daily purchases, according to the letter mailed home to students from the HCPSS Food and Nutrition Service.

Students must memorize a six-digit code in order to pay using the POS system. Parents must electronically load money into their children’s accounts before they can be used to purchase a school lunch, breakfast or an a la carte item. Money can be added to students’ POS accounts by going to www.schoolpaymentsolutions.com, or directly giving cash to a school cashier.

According to Cafeteria Manager, Nancy Myers, the implementation of the POS system caused some problems at first, but the ease of use of the system is improving.

“The first day they didn’t know their numbers. Yesterday was better,” said Myers. “I’m hoping tomorrow will be even better.”

For students on a prepaid lunch plan, the remaining funds from that plan will automatically be transferred into their POS account, but it will only be available for use if the student is purchasing breakfast or lunch. As of September 24th all prepaid installment plans will be cancelled.

Eagle’s Volleyball Faced Off Against the Wildecats

The Eagle’s volleyball team faced off against the Wildecats at Wilde Lake High School on September 24, 2013.  After an intense match that went to five sets, the Eagles lost two sets to three against Wilde Lake.

Wilde Lake started the match out strong in the first set and gained an early lead. The Eagles managed to tie the set at 19-all, but came up short, losing the set 25-21.

Centennial took the lead in the second set and kept it through most of the set. At 23-19, a yellow card was given to the Wilde Lake coach who argued a point too far with the referees, giving Centennial a point. Camryn Allen served the final serve of the set, the ball came back over, and Meghan Kelley won the set point with a tip over the block.

The third set went to the Eagles, as well, with Allen serving out the final points. The fourth set started with Centennial up two games to one. However, the momentum shifted, and Wilde Lake took the third set in a close game. The Eagles started out in the lead during the third set, but the Wildecats were able to tie it at 17 points. Wilde Lake then gained a lead, and the Eagles’ efforts were not quite enough to catch up. The fourth set went to Wilde Lake, 25-22.

The Eagles started with the ball during the tie breaker. They won the first point and then lost the second rally.  The serve went to Wilde Lake who then took the lead, and the Eagles were not able to take it back before Wilde Lake scored the fifteenth, final point of the game. They lost the set 15-9 points, and the match 3-2.

The Centennial volleyball team is now 2-3 and will play Oakland Mills at Centennial High School on Thursday.

Eagles Field Hockey Wins Big

Words: Mike Moore

On Friday, September 20th, the Centennial field hockey team hosted the Wilde Lake Wildecats. The Eagles came away victorious with a 8-0 win.

It didn’t take long for the Eagles to get the scoring going, with Kathryn Peterson getting a goal less than 10 minutes into the game. The game only got better from there for the Eagles when a shot went off the Wilde Lake goalie, and trickled in for the score.

The offense exploded to score eight goals on the afternoon, including four scores from Margaret Maclean, and one each from Sydney Ziegler, Peterson, Robin Cagle, and Stephanie Sachs. The offense controlled the ball for the majority of the game, and they took over thirty shots on goal throughout the game.

The win brings Centennial to 4-2 overall, and 3-1 in county play. Their next game is on Monday, September 23rd against Bel Air at Centennial at 3:30pm.

Centennial Football Team Wins Against Mt. Hebron

Words: Carolyn Eichhorn

On Saturday, September 21st, the Centennial Eagles football team took on the Mount Hebron Vikings in a close and exciting game, but in the end, the Eagles came out on top with a 28-21 victory.

During the first quarter, there was an altercation involving players from both teams which led to players, from the Eagles and Vikings, being thrown out of the game. At the end of the quarter, Hebron was in the lead, 14-0.

The Eagles came back strong in the second quarter with a touchdown from Walter Fletcher, making the score at the half, 14-7. The Eagles scored again in the third, tying the score at 14-all.

During the fourth quarter, the Vikings recovered a fumble and ran it in for a touchdown, taking the lead 21-14. However, Fletcher returned the following kickoff, tying up the score once again at 21-all.

With less than two minutes left in the game, the Eagles offense marched down the field and Fletcher ran the ball into the end zone for his final touchdown of the game. Centennial beat Mt. Hebron, 28-21, improving to 3-0 for the season.

Students Unharmed in Wednesday Bus Accident

Words: Corey Grable

Contributors: Sarah Yang, Bushra Lohrasbi, Maryam Elhabashy, Madhu Lal, and Diane Ijoma

On the morning of September18th, morning traffic was heavily backed up due to an accident involving a school bus that was transporting students to Centennial. A car driven by an adult female, an educator within the county not affiliated with Centennial, struck bus number 218 from behind at approximately 7:00am. Principal Claire Hafets said many students described the accident by saying, “It felt like they were running over a squirrel.”

The accident caused the bus to break down and become stranded directly in front of the traffic channel that controls the flow of cars into the Centennial parking lot.  Officer Perry received the call and was the first person on the scene around 7:03am, and Hafets, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Allen, and Mr. Steve quickly followed him to ensure students’ safety and to re-direct traffic around the bus.

Fortunately, no students or the driver of the car were hurt in the crash. The students were safely escorted from the bus and into the school without incident.  “I’m very proud of the students on that bus and the way they behaved,” said Hafets.

The bus was not damaged in any significant way besides a little chipped paint, but the car’s hood was damaged. The cause of the crash was a lack of speed control from the car, according to Officer Perry.

Wingspan Receives Several Awards

Words: Emma Harring

The Wingspan team submitted numerous entries into the Baltimore Student Media High School Media Contest this past year. The results have come in, and several of Centennial’s students were given awards for their work in the publication.

Junior, Miranda Mason, received the third place award for Best News Story for her article, “School Lunches: Fact and Fiction.”

2013 graduate, Shweta Maruvada also received a third place award in Best Arts/Feature Story for her entry, “Staying Fresh.”

Senior, Carolyn Eichhorn, received a third place award in the Best Sports Feature category for her article, “Flach Swings Into His Senior Year.”

Also, the Wingspan website earned second place for Best Overall Website.

Congratulations to the Wingspan Team and for all the people whose work was recognized!