Raven’s playoff run ends in Foxborough (Kyle Simpson)

The words “Left Out” graced the front of the Baltimore Sun Monday morning. The bold title was in reference to a missed 32-yard field goal attempt by Raven’s kicker, Billy Cundiff, which would have put the Ravens into overtime against the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. To the shock and utter disbelief of almost any Ravens fan watching, as the Baltimore Sun’s title says, the kick went wide left, ending the Ravens season in New England. Before the kick though, the Ravens played a solid game. Joe Flacco, who was taking on loads of criticism earlier in the week, out-played the “future hall of fame” quarterback, Tom Brady. Flacco threw for 22 completions out of 32 pass attempts (identical to Brady), two touchdowns (Brady had no passing touchdowns), one interception (Brady had two), and 306 yards (Brady had 239). While at face value, the 23-20 score says that the Patriots won the game, but if closely looked at, the Ravens were the real winners and just couldn’t finish the game. The Ravens never fell far behind, always keeping pace with the praised high-powered offense of the Patriots. What this game came down to was a dropped touchdown pass by wide receiver Lee Evans and a missed kick by Cundiff.

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